April 2, 2010

April 2, 2010
Greg and Haley

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Apple Time!

At the end of September we took a trip to the zoo with my parents and my brother Joel's family. It was cousin Caroline's birthday, which made everything extra special. Unfortunately we were having too much fun and I didn't take many pictures. 

Of course, right when we walked in the zoo, Emily started asking when they could ride the carousel. That was by far her favorite part of the zoo! 

On Wednesday, September 27, Greg's old college roommate Brigham and his wife Elizabeth stayed with us for the night. They were on their way home after visiting the Oregon coast. It was so fun to talk with them and catch up.

Conference weekend was especially fun because my brother Dillon was in town. This picture is a little goofy, but we had a good time!

His daughter Ruby and Abby are only two months apart. They were instant friends.

After conference was over we got the kids all ready for bed and went on a drive to the Meridian Temple. It was fun to go walk around it. It made us very excited for the Open House in a couple of weeks!

Emily (in her pajamas) in front of the Meridian Temple. So beautiful (both the girl and the temple)!

Sad Abby

Happy Abby

Yesterday we took our kids to the Williams' Fruit Ranch over in Emmett.

 We filled our basket with tons of apples.

Little Abby

The girls loved picking apples.

I think she likes me...

 Abby with Daddy

The apples were very delicious!

It was the perfect fall activity.

Emily taking it easy.

Greg's shadow

Emily's new favorite thing: climbing trees.

Greg, Leslie, Emily, Abby, and me. Happy Fall!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

School Time!

Wednesday, August 23 was Emily's first day of Kindergarten. She went to Preschool the last two years, but it has still been an adjustment for us having her in half day Kindergarten. She is liking it so far.

Leslie hates taking Emily to school. Every day when we get home from dropping her off Leslie asks me, "Who am I going to play with?" She loves her big sister.

The weekend after school started, we took the girls to the lake by Simplot Park. They really loved it. The water was the perfect temperature and it was a gorgeous day.

They love playing in the sand and being in the sun.

Here is Abby's first attempt at swimming...

The Burr girls

On Labor Day we took the girls to the Greenbelt to bike around. They had a lot of fun!

 Emily and Leslie by the Boise River.

Our three little cuties: Abby, Leslie, and Emily.

The afternoons are very fun around here when Emily gets home from school!

Emily doing an activity with Leslie. 

The girls playing outside. This picture doesn't really capture it, but they were having a blast pushing Abby on that toy train!

The kids hanging out at the park by our house. They each had their own tree.

Abby being cute at Dad and Mom's place.

This is what happens to you when you have two older sisters who are obsessed with princesses. Abby looks like a little diva!

Last weekend we went to Preston's high school football game. Melanie fixed Emily's hair really cute and she still talks about it! 

Emily all cute and ready for picture day at school!

Emily and Leslie at the Boise Temple.

"I love to see the temple."

Monday, August 21, 2017

Ending the Summer Right

SANDY POINT- At the end of July we took a family trip to Sandy Point State Park. As we were driving up to pay for parking, we saw a family of bobcats right outside of our car window. Pretty wild!

Here are Greg and Emily building a sand castle.

Cute little Abby enjoying the water.

 Leslie was NOT a fan!!

DAD AND MOM BURR VISIT- The next day Dad and Mom Burr came up from Utah for a visit. 

We had a blast at the park and the girls were in heaven having their grandparents around!

Abby got filthy at the park, but she was being so cute...

ABBY WALKS!- I have to be honest, I was starting to get worried Abby would never walk, but finally on August 2, Abby took her first steps! She was 15.5 months old!

BOISE RIVER- That weekend we took the kids to the Veterans Memorial Park. It was hot, but a good time. Then we went exploring by the Boise River. I love going on nature walks in the summer!

Here is an awesome bridge we found on our nature walk. The girls loved pretending to be princesses while we explored.

GREG'S JOB- There are many advantages to Greg owning a cleaning business: he is really good at cleaning bathrooms, mopping, etc. He has a new hobby now though: folding toilet paper. At first I just thought it was cute, but I really look forward to going to the bathroom now...

FUN F.H.E.- Last week we had a special F.H.E. on missionaries. I showed the girls pictures from my mission and then we watched the movie about the expansion on the Provo MTC. The girls thought it was so cool that by the end of the lesson, they both decided they wanted to serve missions!!

Emily writes: "Missionaries do hard work."

COUSIN TIME- Later that week we went up to Horseshoe Bend and spent the evening at Dad and Mom's place. Emery, Savannah, and Caroline were there making it particularly fun for our kids.

Abby with her babies

SEAMAN'S GULCH TRAIL- That weekend we took our kids on a hike up Seaman's Gulch Trail. We got there at about 6pm, but it felt like it was 100 degrees outside. We were all sweating about 2 minutes into the hike. 

We hiked up just far enough to see the awesome view of Boise. No wonder Boise is the "city of the trees".

TREATS- Greg really wanted to roast smores with our kids this summer, but as it turns out they don't really like smores...so we made sugar cookies instead. This is what happens to your mouth when you eat a cookie with black sprinkles...gross!

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE- It was a fun weekend hanging out in Horseshoe Bend with my parents and sister Bethany's family. In picture: Alice, Emily, and Leslie.

On Sunday night Greg played his violin and Bethany played the left hand while I played the right hand on the piano. It was a fun time and we weren't half bad! 

Cousins: Leslie, Alice, Emily, Grace, and Charlie

The cousins had fun playing at the park Monday morning.

Then at about 10:30am it was time to get ready for the total solar eclipse!

We got out chairs and blankets and our awesome eclipse glasses. We had a great view from dad and mom's front lawn. 

It was really amazing to witness. It got cold, dark, we saw stars, and it lasted for 1 minute and 14 seconds. It was honestly, the coolest thing I have ever seen!

All the shadows on the ground were in the shape of a crescent moon.
It was so amazing to witness and I'm so grateful we all got to experience it together. What an awesome way to end the summer!