April 2, 2010

April 2, 2010
Greg and Haley

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fun Times in July

After the Flake reunion was over, we drove all the way back to Boise. We got home around 8pm Sunday night. The girls were mostly good for the long drive.

They were convinced they were starving when we got home though and insisted on coloring more...

The 4th of July was hot, but we still went and played at the park! We had it all to ourselves!

Swinging on the swings: Emily, Greg, Abby, and Leslie.

We did our own firecrackers in the backyard and driveway.

Leslie didn't like the loud noises...

The next day I took the girls with me down to Bountiful to get some more visiting time with my sisters: Whitney, Bethany, and Ashley. I'm so glad we made the drive. We had a great time!

The kids just played and played!

Charlie and Abby

Emily and Delaney

 Ben, Charlie, and me just hanging out.

The girls eating popsicles in the hot summer weather: Delaney, Emily, Grace, and Cheyenne.

Leslie with her favorite mom!

Sisters: Ashley, Bethany, me, and Abby. Thanks for the great times and for hosting us, Gabrielsens!

When we got back into town, we took our kids downtown to see the Freak Alley Gallery. There were some cool paintings.

I love it when they laugh together!

Abby and Leslie

Leslie asleep on top of the couch. 

Emily and Leslie playing nicely together.

Mom reading to the girls.

I sure love my family!

Flake Family Reunion 2017

It had been two years since my immediate family had all been together, so we were very excited to have a reunion this year! Even better, a reunion in the beautiful state of Montana! All 62 of us fit comfortably in this awesome lodge!

The first night we sat by the campfire for some great family history stories told by my dad. 

Then we had a musical number by the five oldest siblings...the number they performed when they were in elementary school at the talent show. They sang 'It's a Hard Knock Life'. Pretty entertaining!

Then my mom had all of the grandkids hold their numbers...all 38 of them! It was very difficult to get a picture with such a wiggly group!

Emily was so happy to have so many girls to play with: Delaney, Caroline, Emily, and Alice.

The girl cousins coloring pictures together on the bunkbed. Pretty cute!

That evening, after the little ones were in bed, we played an intense game of Family Trivia. Bethany and Paul went all out with buzzers, a power point, and everything! I knew so many answers, but sadly I didn't win...

 On Saturday we spent a lot of the day at the lake.

Thanks Sarah for taking these cute pictures of Leslie!

Leslie wasn't too fond of the canoe, but Emily loved it! We went all the way to this island across the lake.

 The scenery was so breathtaking!

 We made it to the island!!

When we got out of the canoe, Emily didn't miss a beat and started singing Moana, "See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me!"

Emily with her cousins Merrody and Eden.

 Justin really showed us a fun time!

On the way back to shore, both Leslie and...

Emily fell fast asleep!

Abby with Greg

Ammon holding Abby...all of my kids fell asleep, so I took full advantage of that!

I went on the floating trampoline! The water was FREEZING, but it was still a good time! That's me jumping off!

After being in the sun, everyone was pretty tuckered out!

By the evening, everyone was up and ready for more fun!

Mom, Dad, Abby, and Adam.

Me and Sarah

The sisters (minus our youngest sister Cassidy who was very sick and pregnant). In photo: me, Ashley, Bethany, Heather, Sarah, and Whitney.

Emily and Cheyenne enjoying some carrot cake after dinner.

That night we had a family karaoke night. No karaoke night would be complete without some good ole N'Sync. 

At the end we all got up and sang 'I've Got Friends in Low Places'. Good times!

Emily put those cute flowers in her hair!

Abby and Mom

It was a great reunion! We can't wait until the next one!